An Open Letter to our Loyal Whites Dealers

 Sadly this is not an April Fools Joke....As of April 1 2016 my son Jim and I are no longer White's Distributors.  

I want to  take this opportunity to express my appreciation to all of you for your support throughout the years...many of you from the very start in 1978.  It has been a lot of fun and rewarding in many ways .
My memories and the friends I have made will last forever.


Although the  factory notified you of our closure by mail last month their  letter implies that
we did so of our own choosing, that we simply "retired" .

This was NOT the case. We were in fact fired and Our distributorship was taken away from us.
The justification  given was that our sales were down.

But with ALL White's Distributors and Dealers in the Country experiencing a loss
in sales that reason is a bit  suspect.


The more likely reason for our removal was that we were too vocal in our
opposition to the factory's new policies which were incorporated by the
new management over  the past year or so....Namely:


1./  MAP (minimum advertised pricing) which is mainly designed to protect Big
Box Stores from having price wars with their advertising, mainly on the internet.
However, results in making the "street price" of the detector the new list price and
puts the local dealer at a real disadvantage lowering the profit for dealers


2/  Opening the internet sales to ALL dealers across the country, regardless of their
location....thus hurting the LOCAL dealer who is the life blood of our industry.


3/  Aggressively Opening big box stores  and internet re-sellers across the country ,
including Amazon and other internet giants.  Which again reduces prices , further putting
our local dealers at a disadvantage


4/The factory stopped TV advertising as.too expensive and thus our "Leads" went down to near zero.
Yours and our phones stopped ringing.


We  firmly opposed these policies all of which have significantly weakened
local dealer viability, sales and profits.

We often reminded the Factory management  that local dealers have always done 80% of
Whites Sales and to weaken Local Dealers is to weaken the entire company.

Whites management sadly chose to roll the dice on these new policies and we all came up losers


We have been proved correct in our judgement.


If this was not enough......the factory engineering failed to come out
with NEW competitive products in a timely fashion.....and let the
competition get the edge on new technology.
Experienced engineers left and were replaced by novice engineers
without experience in our industry.


We were  all hurt by the recession and slow down in the economy , but  our sales did not recover.  
Whites put in new management , but they refused to listen to our advice and
we became a "pain in the you know what"  so we were "fired" .  Guess what !
The new "fix it" Manager has now decided to quit as well. White's is now
on their third CEO in two years.


Thank you for listening to my take on this regretful episode.
We felt you deserved to understand the context of our closure.

 After over 40 years of loyalty to White's Electronics, this is a sad way to end a career.


My son, Jim, has worked with me for the past 25 years and was instrumental
in our transition from a pen and pencil operation ( we didn't even have an electric typewriter ) to
the age of the computer. I could not have made it without him.

Both of us will missall of you.  Good Luck and Good Health,


Jimmy " Sierra" Normandi

Jim Normandi